We Should Do This Everyday

I've been looking for ways to increase conversation with mathematical language in my Algebra 1 classroom.  I love Which One Doesn't Belong and Would You Rather Math for giving students a voice in the classroom.  Their opinion and reasoning is validated and the differences between students' responses are celebrated.  Looking for new ways to create these conversations, I posted this graphic and asked students what they thought, and what questions they had.  The conversation that followed was fun, and engaging.  Students who are typically shy to answer a question out loud became vocal about their opinions and questions.
Source:  www.informationisbeautiful.net

After we had a solid discussion, and I showed students the crops that were hidden, a student said "We should do this everyday."  He proceeded to persuade me with reasons why this was a good practice. "Because it's interesting and we're doing math at the same time."  Students used mathematical reasoning, were interested and motivated, and they asked to do it again.  #eduwin